The B. Davis Scholarship is founded by Thanks to site sponsors, the scholarship was created to help those who visit the site. The winner receives $1,000 to go towards tuition and fees at an approved institution. The goal of the scholarship is to help students get closer to their college dreams. The B. Davis scholarship is an annual award, and this year’s deadline is quickly approaching on May 28th.

The scholarship is specifically for those students who are high school juniors, seniors, and any student who is registered currently in a post-secondary institution can apply. In addition, this is an extremely open opportunity, because there is no age restriction. Although you need to include your name and school that you are attending this year. You also have to provide some information on your future academic plans, but academics don’t hold any weight over the decision of who wins.

An essay is required for every applicant. The essay must be less than 1,000 words and answer a topic:

”Discuss, in less than 1,000 words, how your education has contributed to who you are today and how it will affect who you become.”

You should make sure to set up your essay in a formal format but keep it very tight and focused on answering the prompt. You don’t want to go for the usual answers here, try to pick defining moments in your educational history that really made it worthwhile and inspired you, and how those inspirations are evolving now. You may want to talk about a teacher’s influence, a certain class, a subject that moves you and why, and how you want to continue that passion in college. Grammar and spelling will be a deciding factor in whether your essay is easy to read, so be sure to read the essay out loud multiple times and allow someone else to read it before submitting. You want to make sure that it flows well and doesn’t contain any mistakes before sending.

All submissions can be mailed to Remember to include all of the information about yourself, including email, name and school as required by the scholarship contest judges. You can read more about this scholarship by going to


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