How to Locate Scholarships

There are hundreds of thousands of scholarships available for college students. The scholarships may be offered through the college, through local funding, through banks, through organizations or through sports endeavors. With the vast majority of scholarships being available only through word-of-mouth or through referral it may be difficult for students to find the right scholarship for their degree program. Here are a few steps that will help students locate scholarships for their particular degree option or for their needs.

Local Organizations

Local and community organizations are one of the first stopping points to locate scholarships that are not already being announced through academic resources. Local organizations and community associations such as the Rotary club and Lions Club may have scholarships available for local students. When checking with local community organizations be sure to check with organizations within the career field as well as with organizations that have offered recent scholarships in the past year or two years to community and local students.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations and local churches are also a good place to look for scholarships. In order to locate scholarships that will fit with a particular degree program it is best to look within religious organizations that find that type of program. For example if the student is looking for a career option in theology finding a religious organization that offers a scholarship may be easy. However, for a student looking for a scholarship for art history finding a religious organization may not be as simple. Look for religious organizations that have offered recent funding to art programs, museums or have offered art programs within their church community.

Local Businesses

Local and community businesses are also a source of scholarships for community students. Local businesses and community businesses may offer specialty scholarships depending on the type of business in question. For example a sporting goods store, archery store or hunting store may offer outdoor scholarships related to forestry and conservation degrees. Local businesses that deal in graphic design and advertising may offer community scholarships to students who are pursuing a graphic design program. There are also several scholarships offered by businesses students may work for during their last high school years. For example McDonald’s and Wal-Mart offer several scholarships to students and graduating seniors.

Online Options

There are several online options and resources that can help students find scholarships for their particular career field or financial need. Academic websites, literature websites, art websites and various theme based websites may offer scholarship options throughout the year. These options are usually in the form of a contest with the winner receiving a selected amount of financial funding through a scholarship program. Students who are interested in pageants and related forms of extracurricular activities may find online options for various contests and pageants held throughout the year that offer scholarships as a grand prize.


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